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Robiul Islam
Jun 28, 2022
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Have your own photos taken If you're using stock photos in your social media posts, it's time to stop now. Advertising Continue reading below Why? Stock photos just don't Banner Design work as well as real photos. To prove it, Marketing Experiments tested an actual photo of their client against their best-performing stock photo. The result? Visitors who saw the real photo were 35% more likely to sign up. Stock marketing experiments vs real photos Here are Banner Design three tips for stunning images on social media: Hire a local photographer to take photos that fit your editorial calendar. If you're just starting out, you can take your own photos with a high-quality smartphone. Make sure your images match the text around them. Images are meant to summarize concepts and Banner Design generate starting points, not just to break up text. (Like the photo in this BMW Instagram post.) 3. Recycle your Evergreen content into graphics Did you know that people remember visual information 65% longer than text? To take advantage, repurpose your best pieces of evergreen content into Banner Design infographics, charts, graphs, and social media images. Here is an example of a social media infographic… How to Create Engaging Social Media Content: 12 Tips to Get Results …chart… …chart… How to Create Engaging Social Media Content: 12 Tips to Get Results …and the picture. How to Create Engaging Social Media Content: 12 Tips to Get Results When creating graphics, remember Banner Design these tips: Present the main points of your content. Pull quotes from your content or rephrase your main points to make them shareable. Use tools like Canva and Piktochart for quality graphics. 4. Share customer testimonials and reviews Imagine that. You are about to buy a new product, but you want to know more first. When looking for information, who do you trust? Advertising Continue reading below A salesperson selling the product… …Or an honest review from a customer? If you Banner Design chose the first option, you are in a small pool of only 3% of buyers. The rest of us scour online review sites to find out the truth about a product. In fact, the average buyer reads seven reviews before making a purchase from a new brand. If that means anything to you as a marketer, it's that reviews from happy customers are powerful magnets at your disposal. And while you've probably already posted them on Banner Design your website and blog, make sure you don't leave out social media. Choose your best testimonials and reviews, craft them into readable bites, and create eye-catching captions to go along with them. Like this one from Courtney

Robiul Islam

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