Crown TWIC  Service

Crown Escort Services provide experienced escort service for drivers that do not possess a Transportation Worker’s Identification Card (TWIC).  Individuals needing access to the port but do not possess a TWIC card must be accompanied by an escort authorized by the Ports.  Crown Escort Services is an authorized company that provide those services in a safe manner…SAFETY first!!  Our TEAM of TWIC escorts are highly trained dedicated individuals who are courteous, attentive and knowledgeable of the port layout.

We offer escort services to individuals, truckers and companies authorized to ship or receive cartage at the Terminals.  Escorting is defined as “side-by-side” accompaniment and must be conducted in strict compliance with federal law.  The meaning of “escorting” is ensuring the individual needing assistance is continuously accompanied while in a secure/restricted area in a manner sufficient to observe whether the escorted individual is engaged in activities other than those for which his/her access was granted. Drivers must have a picture ID and safety vest to enter the port.  Drivers should acquaint themselves with the requirements to ensure compliance.

All escorts begin outside the port terminals at an established location to ensure no delays.  We understand that your driver’s safety and time is important.

Drivers of large trucks and drivers making deliveries of any kind will report to our staging area – large trucks parked near the port entrance will be ticketed by the local police.  We will meet your driver at a designated area that is within a few minutes of the ports for quick access.  We understand that your driver’s time is precious and we are courteous/respectful of that time.

Your business is better facilitated with a reservation 24 hours prior to your driver’s arrival and with a 45 minute update on the time of arrival to ensure no delays.

Please note that no one is allowed on the port without authorized business (no sightseers).  Only the driver and escort are allowed within the truck while on the port.  In addition, no one under the age of 14 is permitted on the port for any reason!