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Crown TWIC Port escort services was established in 2010.  We provide port escorts services for those drivers needing access to the port.  


Our TWIC  Port escorts are highly trained diverse group of dedicated individuals who are attentive, courteous and knowledgeable of the port layout. 


TEAM members are courteous of your time and we embrace the culture of safety for our TWIC escorts and your drivers. 


  Let our TEAM help you with your port needs. 


Our TEAM concept takes on a different meaning!!

Together Everyone Acheives More


We provide one-on-one escorts for easy access to the port 


We train drivers on the layout of Garden City and Ocean terminals

We train drivers on point of entries

We assist drivers with local transportation to apply for their TWIC card

We assist drivers with local transportation to apply for their credentials card

Port Escort Service
Port Training Services
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